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.container{ text-align: center; }

/* Button styles: */
i.fb,       span.fb{     	color: #3b5998; }
i.tw,       span.tw{     	color: #00aced; }
i.google,   span.google{ 	color: #dd4b39; }
i.linkin,   span.linkin{ 	color: #007bb6; }
i.vk,       span.vk{     	color: #45668e; }
i.pinterest,span.pinterest{ color: #cb2027; }
i.surfingbird{ max-height: 12px; min-width: 25%; }
    content: url(https://bootstrap-ru.com/cdn/i/surf.png); 
    position: relative;
    top: -7px;
    float: left;

   overflow: hidden;
   position: relative;

.google-plus-one i{
   position: absolute;
   left: -12px;
   bottom: 2px;

.google-plus-one span{
   font-size: 16px; 
   font-weight: 900; 
   line-height: 10px;
   margin-left: 15px;

.btn-sm.google-plus-one span{ font-size: 14px; }
.btn-sm.google-plus-one i{ bottom: 2px; left: -8px}
.btn-lg.google-plus-one span{ font-size: 20px; margin-left: 18px; }
.btn-lg.google-plus-one i{ bottom: 2px; left: -16px}
.btn-xs.google-plus-one span{ font-size: 12px;}
.btn-xs.google-plus-one i{ bottom: -2px; left: -13px}
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First of all sharing and like buttons offered by Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, vk.com and Facebook comes with their own Javascript code, each request for scripts to social networks servers slows down page loading time, and users (visitors) have to wait untill each of them is loaded (DNS lookup, HTTP request, then response, - and all buttons comes with images), then parse page, then rebuild DOM, then do something else like creating third-party cookies, collecting info, spinning, fishing :) - we hope it's a joke, but who knows?
Mon, 11/27/2017 - 21:59

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