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Integration of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros into a unique Realm

A brief history from the invasion of the first men since the death of the King Aegon I Targaryen

Westeros and the Free Cities of Essos

AL: Aegon's Landing
BAL: Before Aegon's Landing
(Aegon's Landing, in 2 BC, was the event in which Aegon Targaryen, Lord of Dragonstone, arrived at the mouth of the Blackwater Rush on the mainland of Westeros with the intention of conquering the continent.)

The Dawn Age

Prehistory: Westeros is inhabited by non-human races: the Children of the Forest, and the Giants.
c. 12,000 BAL:
A human ethnic group, the First Men, invades Westeros.
c.10,000 BAL:
Signing of the Pact. After years of warfare, the two sides agree to a truce, signing the Pact on the Isle of Faces. The signing of the Pact marked the end of the Dawn Age, and the beginning of the Age of Heroes.

The Age of Heroes

c. 8,000 BAL - The Long Night:
A great winter that lasts a generation descends on Westeros. The White Walkers invade Westeros from the north. The Children and the First Men unite to defeat the Walkers, eventually throwing them back into the north.
A great leader named Brandon Stark raises the Wall with artifice and magic to bar against the Walkers' return. He also founds the castle of Winterfell, founds House Stark and the Night's Watch and, according to some, is named as the first King in the North.
First Men tribes living north of the Wall when it is constructed are trapped in the lands beyond. They become isolated from the developing kingdoms to the south and eventually hostile to them, despite their shared ethnic background. These tribes call themselves the "Free Folk".
Lann the Clever swindles House Casterly out of Casterly Rock and its rich gold mines, and becomes the founder of House Lannister.
c. 8,000 - 6,000 BAL:
During the Age of Heroes, House Stark of Winterfell gradually establishes more and more control over the rest of The North, so that in time they claim the title King in the North.
The Starks' great rivals were the second most powerful House in the North, House Bolton. The Stark kings and Bolton kings vied with each other for centuries in bloody wars, and the Boltons were only finally forced into submission to the Starks 6,000 years ago.

The Andal Invasion

c. 6,000 BAL:
A race of men from Essos, the Andals, cross the Narrow Sea in numerous ships and make landfall in the Vale of Arryn. Under the banner of the Faith of the Seven, riding horses and wielding weapons made of iron, they overrun and conquer all of Westeros south of the Neck. In a migration lasting several centuries, they spread out from the Vale to invade the rest of southern Westeros. Their attempts to invade the North are frustrated by the North's natural defenses, namely the swamps of the Neck and the formidable fortress of Moat Cailin, so eventually they make peace with the Kings in the North (of House Stark). A shifting quilt of small kingdoms takes shape in southern Westeros. The Andals kill the few remaining Children of the Forest as they encounter them, and the survivors disappear.
c. 4,000 BAL: By this time the Andals make their last conquest, of the Iron Islands which are separated from the mainland of Westeros

The rise and fall of Valyria

c. 8,000 BAL:
On the eastern continent of Essos, the ancient Ghiscari Empire flourishes on the eastern coast of Slaver's Bay, one of the oldest - if not the oldest - great civilizations in the world.
c. 6,000 B AL:
On the western side of Slaver's Bay, a race of peaceful shepherds find Dragons lairing in the Fourteen Fires, an immense chain of volcanoes extending across the neck of the Valyrian Peninsula.
c. 6,000 - 5,000 BAL:
The Ghiscari Wars. Inevitably, the expanding Valyrian Freehold comes into conflict with the Ghiscari Empire over which superpower will dominate the continent. Old Ghis is burned to ashes with dragonfire and never rebuilt. The Valyrian Freehold absorbs all of the Ghiscari's former territories to their east, including all of the Ghiscari colony-cities in Slaver's Bay (such as Astapor, Yunkai, and Meereen). c. 700 BAL:
The Rhoynish Wars. The Valyrian Freehold begins settling the region of the modern Free Cities. Their expansion brings them into conflict with the native inhabitants of the region surrounding the River Rhoyne. Nymeria, the warrior-queen of the Rhoynar, realizes that they cannot stand against dragons and they flee to Dorne, in southern Westeros. There Nymeria marries Lord Mors Martell and helps House Martell conquer the rest of Dorne, finally unifying the region as one kingdom. c. 200 BAL:
The Valyrians annex Dragonstone, an island in the Narrow Sea just off the eastern coast of Westeros. The Targaryen family takes control of the island, which is used as a trading post with the Seven Kingdoms. Doom Massive volcanic eruptions destroyed Valyria in a single day. Valyria 5x05 (4) Four centuries after "the Doom", Old Valyria is still a smoking ruin. c. 100 BAL - the Doom of Valyria: <.br> The Fourteen Fires erupt in a titanic explosion that obliterates the heartland of the Valyrian Freehold. Most of the Valyrian dragons, who lair in the volcanoes when not needed, are killed outright. The City of Valyria is partially buried under vast amounts of ash. c. 100 BAL - c. 2 AL:
The Century of Blood. In the aftermath of the Doom, Valyria's outlying colony-cities began breaking away and asserting their independence, becoming the nine Free Cities.

Westeros: The Age of the Hundred Kingdoms

c. 6,000 - 700 BAL
Over the centuries following the Andal Invasion, hundreds of petty kingdoms form across Westeros, eventually aggregating into several larger powerful realms, and ultimately, seven large kingdoms.
c. 2,000-700 BAL
The final "Seven Kingdoms", as they were later known, coagulated from previous smaller kingdoms during this time period as they absorbed their neighboring rivals. This process is roughly said to have finished anywhere from a thousand years before the Targaryen Conquest to a thousand years before the War of the Five Kings (varying by region).
c. 700 BAL
The Rhoynar migrate to Dorne, after being driven from the Rhoyne River network in Essos by the Valyrians. House Martell intermarries with the Rhoynar led by Princess Nymeria and with their extra numbers conquers the rest of Dorne, unifying the entire region for the first time. House Manderly is exiled from the Reach but given safe haven in the North, where House Stark rewards them with rule over White Harbor. House Bolton is finally subdued by House Stark in the North. The Dornish Marches in the Red Mountains remain as they have been for centuries - a contested borderland of endemic warfare between the Reach, the Stormlands, and Dorne.
c. 360 BAL
The Stormlands successfully invades and conquers the Riverlands, under the Storm Kings of House Durrandon. This reduces the number of kingdoms to seven: the Kingdom of the North, the Kingdom of the Vale, the Kingdom of the Isles and Rivers, the Kingdom of the Rock, the Kingdom of the Reach, the Storm Kingdom, and the Principality of Dorne.
c. 200 BAL
House Targaryen, one of the aristocratic families of the Valyrian Freehold, settles on Dragonstone island in Blackwater Bay, to establish a Valyrian trading outpost. c. 100 BAL
The Targaryens relocate their entire family and household to Dragonstone island (just off the east coast of Westeros in Blackwater Bay). The Doom of Valyria follows only a few years later - leaving the Targaryens on Dragonstone with the world's only surviving dragons.

The Targaryen Conquest and the Reign of the Targaryen Dynasty

2 BAL - 0 AL
Despite pleas to intervene in the Free Cities, Aegon the Conqueror, the ruler of House Targaryen, decides to invade Westeros, along with his sister-wives Rhaenys and Visenya.
1 AL - 37 AL:
Aegon I has two children: his elder son Aenys with his sister-wife Rhaenys, and his younger son Maegor with his sister-wife Visenya. Construction continues on King's Landing. Work also begins on the great new royal castle known as the Red Keep, but Aegon I only lives to see its foundations set.
37-48 AL
Upon Aegon I's death, his son Aenys, born of incest, takes the throne, naming his half-brother Maegor as Hand of the King and giving him authority to deal with the crises.

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