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Tamsin's HTML Tags

The Menu Tag (menu)

A menu is like the menu bars that some of us might have made last year on our websites advertising things(like balloon animals). It's like a navigation bar.

CSS Dimension

CSS dimension is all of the different dimensions(like height and width) for any element in CSS

Pre (Pre)

When you use pre you can make large spaces and line breaks without things like br. So basically it's pre formatted text. Say if you were putting something from Word in here, it wouldn't look weird, and you wouldn't have to re-format the whole thing.

 Example one:
        "Elephants they rule the world,
Walking around with a grace so fine,
Even the little ones walk with grace,

Behind them their tail swings back and forth,
Not really having a purpose,
It’s just for style they say,

You call them Elephantidae,
When you want to be fancy,
But who want to be fancy?

They’ll keep walking around like they rule the place,
Even though their homes are decreasing,
Yet they still put on airs so graceful and sweet,

Together they walk with many others,
They walk like a parade,
All together,

When they stop to take breaks,
They sometimes paint, 
Using only their trunks as a handy paintbrush,

When they want they show emotions,
Just not all of the time,"
        -Katie Peterson, Writing circles 

 For another example     I can leave that space there.  
I can also hit enter and it does what br would do. 

The header tag(header)

The header tag is similar to lots of the tags already used in this document, eg: all the h2's and the h1.

This is a h1 under header


On Scroll is very simple, and there's not a real way to give an example. It happens when you scroll

If you scroll down, you're using on scroll.


On click is what happens when you click on something, like on a button(like the example button!)

The Emphasized tag (em)

The emphasized text tag is for emphasizing text, which is basically putting it in italics.
When viewing it on a website for example, it looks very similar to the variable(var) and definition(dfn) tags.

Example of italics

The Blockquote tag(blockquote)

The blockquote tag does what it says. It literally makes an indented block quote.
A block quote is a quote that’s typically more than 4 lines on a document,
so in a regular text document you would take the quote and move
the margin in an inch, and then take the quotation marks off of it.

Blockquotes! Put your blockquotes here! This is a blockquote, put your long quotes here.
This needs to be pretty long, so this doesn't make a great example,
but it's good enough showing the indentation. - ME!

The TD tag (td)

The TD tag is simply a regular cell in a table in HTML

Example Cell 1 Example Cell 2

The DL tag(dl)

The DL tag makes a list of words and descriptions. This could be used for things like vocabulary lists and study sheets.

This is an example
A dessert with a crust, a filling, and sometimes a top.

The Strikethrough tag (s)

The S tag is a tag that puts a line through something that's no longer correct. Something that used to be true, and now is not.

This is not true anymore.

Dialog tag (dialog)

The dialog tag is a tag that when used opens a dialog box. See below for an example of dialog used in the box.

"So, cheese, what's your favorite cheese?"(Says Maria all the time)

THE END(of the world)

body {background-color:#000000;}
    h1 {color: #660066;} 
    h2 {color:#333399;}
    p {color:#FF6600} 
    dialog {color:#990000;}
    s {color:#990000;}
    dl {color:#990000;}
    td {color:#990000;} 
    blockquote {color:#990000;}
    em {color:#990000;}
    button {color:#990000;}
    pre {color:#990000;}
    menu {color:#990000;}
Sat, 01/20/2018 - 11:27

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