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the perils of micro main

When used in this way the main element no longer acts as a landmark. A user navigating to it via landmark navigation will not get any context about what it is the main of, the page? the article? a subsection of a section?

When used correctly (or most usefully) the main element will have the granular semantics as children (such as headings, which provide context.)

Which is why in w3c conformance requirements main cannot be a child of article. It helps to ensure that larger blocks of content are encapsulated within the main landmark, and the general rule that all page content be included with a landmark container (the header and footer content in this article are not included in any landmark (thus the greyed visual effect).

article>header, article>footer {opacity:.2}
main {border: 1px dashed green}
body {width:40em}
article {border:1px solid grey}
Sat, 01/13/2018 - 08:31

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