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// Closure is a reference to a functions lexial scope outside of that functions execution this does *NOT* necessarily mean static values i.e. if that executed function contains a reference and that reference is updated you will still get the updated references values i.e:

let showMeTheClosure;
let a = 1;

(function setup(){
  let b = a;
  let c = 1;
  showMeTheClosure = function(){
    return b + c;

// setup() has been executed and is no longer available

console.log(showMeTheClosure()); // 2

// Just referenced setup() inner scope to access `b = a` & c = 1`

(function closureWithUpdatedRefernce(){
  a = 5;
  console.log(showMeTheClosure()); // 3

// Updated `a` which setup() `b` refences so output of showMeTheClosure() changes
Wed, 12/27/2017 - 07:01

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