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Bloody Mary

The daughter of King Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon

She was a Catholic and earned the nickname “Bloody Mary” when she ordered the violent execution of numerous Protestants and burned countless people at the stake for heresy during her 5-year reign.

Short Biography of Bloody Mary

  • 1516 --Mary was born in Greenwich in London
  • 1517 --The start of the Protestant Reformation in Germany when Martin Luther nails his "95 Theses" against the Catholic practice of selling indulgences, on the church door at Wittenberg
  • 1526 --Her father, King Henry VIII, becomes totally obsessed Anne Boleyn and he no longer has any interest in her mother
  • 1532 --Anne Boleyn becomes pregnant
  • 1533 --Thomas Cranmer grants the annulment of the marriage between her mother and father
    January 25th: Her father marries Anne Boleyn and is excommunicated by Pope Clement VII
    7 September: Her half sister Elizabeth is born - her position is usurped by the new baby Princess
    Queen Catherine of Aragon, mother of Mary Tudor, is given the title of the Princess Dowager of Wales which
    she refuses to ever acknowledge
  • 1534 --King Henry VIII breaks with the Church in Rome and the Act of Supremacy is passed King Henry VIII the head of the Church of England
    Her mother is moved to different castles in England and Mary is forbidden from seeing her mother due to Catherine of Aragon's stubborn obstinate refusal to accept the annulment of her marriage.
    23 March: Act of Succession. Only the children of King Henry VIII's marriage to Anne Boleyn were deemed to be his lawful heirs
    The title of Princess Mary was reduced to the Lady Mary and she was declared a bastard.
  • 1536 --January 7: Catherine of Aragon dies at Kimbolton Castle
    May 19th: Queen Anne Boleyn is executed on Tower Hill after being accused of treason. incest and witchcraft
    30th May: King Henry marries Jane Seymour
  • 1537 --Jane Seymour dies after the birth of a son, the future King Edward VI and Mary's half-brother
    Both Princess Elizabeth and Princess Mary are declared bastardsli>
  • 1540 --6 January: Marriage between King Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves which is is quickly annulled
    July 28: 49 year old King Henry marries 19 year old Catherine Howard ( who was a cousin of Anne Boleyn)
  • 1542 --February 13: The marriage between Catherine Howard ends in tragedy when Catherine Howard is executed for adultery
  • 1543 --12th July: King Henry VIII marries his sixth wife, Catherine Parr
  • 1547 --28 January: The father of Mary Tudor, King Henry VIII dies and the young, half brother of Mary Tudor is proclaimed King Edward VI
  • 1553 --6 July: Her step brother dies leaving the throne to Protestant 'Lady Jane Grey and her heirs male' instead of Mary
    July 10: Lady Jane Grey proclaimed Queen of England
    July 19 Lady Jane Grey was deposed as Queen and Mary finally takes the crown as Queen of England
  • 1558November 17: Queen Mary I dies at St. James's Palace in London
    December 14: Her body is interred in Westminster Abbey

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