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Fallout 4


The game is set in a post-apocalyptic, retro-futuristic Washington, D.C. following the 'Great War' between the U.S., China, the Soviet Union and other countries. The Great War occurred on October 23, 2077 which caused immense damage and destruction despite lasting less than two hours. Before the Great War, there were the Resource Wars that nearly crippled the world and brought riots to the streets, during which the United Nations disbanded, and an F.E.V. plague coupled with global terrorism rendered the United States paranoid of both real and imagined communist plots. Canada was annexed by the United States in order to help the U.S. war effort against the Chinese in Alaska. The fact that Canada had the plentiful resources of nearly untouched wilderness made America's effort well worth the protection along with what U.S.A. promised to provide.


For the uninitiated, Fallout began life as a futuristic, nuclear-technology take on D&D-style adventure games (first as '80s game Wasteland before taking on the Fallout name in 1997). The original versions required lots of mouse clicking to talk to non-player characters (NPCs), make decisions, get into turn-based battles (or avoid them with tactics such as stealth or diplomacy), and so on. Instead of fighting dragons and wizards, characters explored a post-nuclear America and the radiation-singed people and ghouls who remained in it. Fallout 3 and its semi-sequel, Fallout New Vegas, established the Bethesda formula for how the series would operate from here on out, and that's still the case in Fallout 4. Though the quests pretty much operate the same way as before—find people, receive requests for missions, and have the game unfold differently whether you act nice or naughty—Fallout's major modern twist is that you run around in a first-person perspective. This mostly impacts the game's active gunfights, in which you can aim and shoot in real time like in most modern gun games (and while third-person views are available, you'll want first-person for skirmishes). The series still offers a "V.A.T.S" system; when toggled, the game slows time down so that players can precisely aim at which limb of a baddie they'd like to shoot at. In that sense, Fallout 4 looks and controls a lot like Fallout 3 and New Vegas, meaning the interface is simplified for the sake of PlayStation and Xbox controllers. You'll bop around menus on your character's handy Pip-Boy wrist device, which lets you manage inventory, maps, quests, and the like. These have been designed with joystick controls in mind. You can use a mouse to click around a Pip-Boy, but some of the clickable portions are annoyingly small. In the good news department, that means the primal action of acquiring powerful guns and aiming them at foes—either in real-time shootouts or strategic, V.A.T.S-assisted blasts of amputation—remains as satisfying as in prior 3D Fallout games. You'll eventually wield all kinds of high-tech heat, including guns with burning, freezing, melting, and exploding elements. The game's variety of blunt and sharp melee weapons offers some great blood-'splosion moments as well. The V.A.T.S system has received one noticeable change since New Vegas: toggling it no longer freezes time while players use its menus to aim attacks. Instead, time slows way, way down—enough to let players make choices, but not enough to treat V.A.T.S like a pause screen. The change is noticeable, but whether it feels exciting or annoying will probably come down to personal preference.Each Fallout game takes place in a different city in the same alternate-America universe. This year's model takes players to Boston, where they assume control of a military man (or his lawyer wife) shortly before a major nuclear bomb goes off. The couple and their infant son Shaun are invited to a new, exclusive fallout shelter, where it turns out they become part of a mysterious experiment, with residents cryogenically frozen against their will. Players wake to see their spouse murdered in cold blood and their son absconded by shadowy figures. A spare, loaded gun sits nearby. That family-loss opening sequence puts Fallout 4's worst foot forward, as it lacks the emotional heart or Hollywood-caliber presentation of a game like The Last Of Us. The issue isn't just the cliché repartee between husband and wife or that the sequence drags on for way too long; it's how freakish these people look the whole time. Light and shadow reflect off every character in a very plastic way, and when faces animate, the movement comes mostly in the mouths. This makes all the characters look robotic and a little silly. This is especially true when they respond to button-press dialogue attempts with shouts that in no way match their faces. (Worse is your infant child, who looks like a cross between a dead-eyed Ken doll and a ghoulish monster.) At any rate, whether players choose to hunt for their missing child, become the people's hero, or just go on a bloody tear as a mercenary for hire, they'll eventually wind up on the same road to tackling the game's major villains. In-game factions like the Brotherhood of Steel, the Minutemen, and the Railroad all have different opinions about why their post-nuclear world's gone to hell, but they all have one enemy in kind: the Institute. This secret, government-like society is frequently accused by Fallout 4's NPCs of kidnapping humans and replacing them with identical, chip-loaded "synths," and everybody's tired of the robotic scourge in one way or another.

Game Rating

I personally give this a 10/10. it is truly going to be the top made game of all time based on many reviews and countless gameplay released already it looks like fallout 4 has a bright future ahead.
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