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  brontoCart = {   
    "cartPhase": "ORDER_COMPLETE", //REQUIRED - there are 6 phases, set to "SHOPPING" pre-checkout
    "currency": "USD",
    "subtotal": 35.98,
    "discountAmount": 0,
    "taxAmount": 0,
    "grandTotal": 35.98,  //REQUIRED on ORDER_COMPLETE cartPhase
    "orderId": "123ABC",  //REQUIRED on ORDER_COMPLETE cartPhase
    "emailAddress": "example@example.com", //omit line if value not available
    "cartUrl": "http://brontogear.com/",   //could be a uuid to retreive the cart cross-device
    "shippingDetails":"details here",
    "shippingTrackingUrl":"http://yourUrl.com/", //could just be a uuid as well
    "lineItems": [{
        "sku": "576879",  //REQUIRED
        "name": "Shirt",
        "description": "A super great description of the product",
        "category": "Shirts > T-Shirts > Blue",
        "other": "This can be any string value you like",
        "unitPrice": 11.99,
        "salePrice": 11.99,
        "quantity": 2,   //REQUIRED
        "totalPrice": 23.98,  //REQUIRED
        "imageUrl": "http://brontogear.com/a/p/shirt.jpeg",
        "productUrl": "http://brontogear.com/index.php/shirt.html"     
        "sku": "1112296",   //REQUIRED
        "name": "Fleece Jacket",
        "description": "A well appointed Fleece jacket",
        "category": "Jackets > Winter > Fleece",
        "other": "This can be any string value you like",
        "unitPrice": 65.99,
        "salePrice": 55.50,
        "quantity": 1,   //REQUIRED
        "totalPrice": 55.50,   //REQUIRED
        "imageUrl": "http://brontogear.com/a/p/fleece.jpeg",
        "productUrl": "http://brontogear.com/index.php/fleece.html"     
Wed, 12/27/2017 - 06:58

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